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Tongue plays important role in sex, Do you know?

 Tongue plays important role in sex, Do you know?

Using a tongue is just another great way to have a passionate kiss. It can be used in unexpected areas to bring in more passion between the two. Foreplay is a major factor for great orgasm. If you want to please your man, work your way from below ie, toes to chest. It's the best way to leave him wanting for more even before he knows. Toes are a very sensitive part and shouldn't be avoided. Start with the licking of the toe and then graduate upwards. He will be asking for more that are caused with the help of the tongue.

The chest is one place where you can experiment. Men are always proud of their chest and making him feel wanted will captivate him. It will make him feel more confident and appreciated. Stimulating his chest with your tongue can create magic inside him.

The neck and ears play a very crucial part. These zones are highly sensitive. Using your tongue in these areas can get it going for you sooner than you think it will.

Man's heart is directly linked to his stomach. All you need to do is work it up the right way. One of the most ignored yet erogenous spot is the naval. This area is highly sensitive. Use your tongue slowly and steady at that area and start licking him on his stomach and naval. And, you see the difference in no time.

Men and women see osculation differently because, as you know, Women Are From Venus And Men Are From Mars. Here is a list of some of the interesting points

Men like wetter kisses with more tongue contact and open mouth kissing.

Females place a greater emphasis on kissing for making mate assessments.

Males consider a “good kiss” as one where their partner lets them initiate tongue contact.

Both males and females use kissing as a bonding mechanism which creates greater emotional closeness.
Females appear to place a greater emphasis on kissing to induce bonding.

Males place more emphasis on their partner’s face, body, and weight as focal characteristics they use to decide whether to kiss someone.
More males than females used kissing in an attempt to end a fight.

Men and women report that the ability to kiss well contributes to making someone “a good lover”.

Overall, the research showed that males feel kissing should lead to sex more often than do females.

Now i understand how important is our tongue in sex play. ok lets rock

 Tongue plays important role in sex, Do you know?

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