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Yoga For Sex. Yoga Asanas For Better Sex In Your Life

Both yoga and sex are magnificent mind-body experiences, so it should come as no surprise that yoga poses can be used to increase sexual pleasure. In fact Ellen Barret, author of the book "Sexy Yoga" says, "Not only is yoga an amazing stress reliever, but certain postures improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and open your heart-all of which are necessary for a hot sex life." In addition, yoga emphasizes living solely in the existing moment. Researchers have said that many females feel that they have a difficult time staying focused, which is one reason why sex might become dull an
d emotionless. When you want to improve things in the bedroom, try these top seven yoga poses for superior sex ( yoga for sex ).

The most common sexual yoga exercise ( yoga for sex ) that is used to enhance libido and sexual gratification is a posture that one can do even while sitting in the office. Contract and release the muscles of your pubic area as if you want to stop the flow of urine. Experts say that they have seen many people reviving their sex lives with the help of this one simple exercise ( yoga for sex ) . It indeed helps to get more powerful orgasms.

The following are some specific yoga postures which may help improve your sex life.


This is an interesting asana in which the entire weight of the body is put on the neck, the head, upper back and upper arms. The hands are held behind the back and slowly, the legs and the lower body is raised upward.

Upavistha Konasana

How to do it: Sit on the floor with your legs wide. Leg muscles are activated and toes and kneecaps point straight up. Lean your torso forward as far as it goes comfortably. Hold for  5 to 10 deep breaths.

Baddha Konasana

How to do it: Sit with your knees bent and soles of the feet touching. Lightly hold your big toes and lean your torso forward over your legs (back is gently rounded). Hold for 5  to 10 deep breaths.

Lotus Position:

In this posture, the person sits cross-legged and feet are placed on oppositethighs. The appearance of the position resembles the lotus flower and hence the name.


The practitioner lies straight on the floor. Keeping legs together and straight, he raises the legs and takes them behind the head. Hands are kept firmly to the floor and parallel to the upper body. The name is derived from the word ` hala`, which means plow.

Cobra asana

The cobra pose opens the heart. Barret says, "Love, energy, and breath come from your heart chakra, and this pose indirectly connects to sexual intimacy." Cobra is also a stimulating pose that is great for couples that are too exhausted to get intimate.

Tree asana

The tree pose requires balance, forcing you to concentrate on one thing. This asana can help women and men learn to slow down and enjoy each moment as it comes.


Some people mistakenly feel that savasana is a simple yoga pose. This couldn't be further from the truth since it is the most difficult asana to master. It is so difficult to become skilled at savasana because you have to focus solely on the moment without letting your thoughts go rampant.

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