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How to get rid of hair - Find out various methods to remove unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is the common problem in both male and female, but this hair growth causes irritation and embarrassment in women. Excessive hair growth in women is called hirsutism. Hirsutism is growth of long and rough hair on the body other than head. The medical term of Hirsutism is hypertrichosis. This is symptom rather than a disease. The unwanted hair most commonly seen in upper lips, cheek, chin, lower abdomen, legs and toe.

Reason for hirsutism: Sometimes ethnic background or heredity may be the reasons for hirsutism. Commonly women produce low level of male hormone (androgen). But hirsutism can be cause to increase the level of androgen. If the body make excess amount of androgen, growth of unwanted hair will increase. Certain medications such as hormones or steroids also become the factor for unwanted hair growth.

Most common reason for unwanted hair growth in woman is Polycstic overy syndrome (PCOS). PCOS cause due to excess production of androgen hormone. 70 to 80 percentages of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome have the unwanted hair growth problem. Adrenal hyperplasia, obesity. Insulin resistance, Cushing ‘s disease these all also be the reason for hirsutism

Hair removal methods:

 Shaving is the removal of hair using a blade, such as a razor. It's the fastest and easiest way to remove unwanted hair, particularly in the armpits (for women) and under the cheeks (for men). This should be done once or twice a week since shaving causes hair to grow more quickly. Use a double- or triple-blade razor for a closer shave. Lubricating and moisturizing the part of the skin to be shaved can also help prevent cuts, soreness and ingrown hairs.


A different razor is used to shave eyebrows. This is smaller and thinner to avoid getting scraped or cut. Tweezing, or the use of tweezers to remove entire hair follicles from the roots one by one, is a better option. Not only is this safer -- it will leave your eyebrows shaped for weeks. It may take a lot of time, however, for you to tweeze a larger area of your skin. To avoid redness and scarring, place a warm wet towel on the area to be plucked for 5 to 10 minutes.


Threading involves the use of a thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over eyebrows, mustaches and other unwanted facial hair. This method, which may require a lot of skill, can remove an entire row of hair at once. Threading can leave you hairless for weeks, but it may be a painful procedure for some.

This mask, which requires ingredients that are readily available at home, can be used to get rid of unwanted hair on the face, arms or legs. Mix lemon juice, sugar, corn flour, water and egg in a bowl until it forms into a paste. Apply the mixture on the skin and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Pull the mask against the direction of hair growth.


Making your own wax at home can save you a lot of money. It only requires 3 ingredients -- honey, sugar and lemon, which kills the roots of the hair. Mix all the ingredients and heat it until bubbles appear and it forms into a wax. Let it cool for a few minutes and apply the wax on your legs. Using a strip of cloth, pull the wax against the direction of hair growth.

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Toronto laser hair removal said...
19 January 2012 at 01:41

These days, we have so many methods to remove unwanted hair. I tried all these five methods and all of them were useful for me. I also read so many articles about this subject and I found great things about Laser hair removal as well. It seems that it's a great alternative, even if it's quite expensive...but I'll try it for sure!

repliche borse said...
19 January 2012 at 21:50

I am always afraid that these methods will bring pain. So I use the cream for hair removing.

Amy Bradford said...
9 July 2012 at 07:14

There are many methods when it comes to removing hair however my personal opinion is that laser hair removal is best. The reason I say this is because I have used a lot of the different methods including waxing, shaving, creams and electrolysis.

Repliche Borse: I used to wax a lot and that was very painful. After one or two sessions of Laser hair removal you get used to the little pain or should I say discomfort there is- it just feels like a elastic band snapping against your skin.

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