Sunday, 23 October 2011


Yoga For Eyes. Benifits for computer workers and users

Eyes hold prime importance, being one of the five senses of one's body or Life.

Few important tips are there to keep your eyes healthy:

1. Close your eyes tightly for 5 sec. repetitively for at least 6 times.

2. Do not sit in front of computers for long and prefer to take breaks after every half an hour.

3. Shut your eyes and rotate your eye balls.

4. Rub your palms and place them on your eyes to get relaxed by the warmth of your palms.

5.Close you eyes and concentrate in the middle of your eyebrows, it also improves concentration.

6. Slowly, sincere your gaze to the ceiling, as you pant. Exhale, and move your gaze down in a unmixed line, towards the bottom. Do this 6 times.

7. Form of exercises like walking, swimming etc. helps reducing strain on the eyes.

8. Dim lights should be there at your work place, rather according to the optimum requirement.

9. Eat more of vegetables in your meal, to have more of vitamins.

10. Strengthen your arms, stretch up yourself to the max. and try to focus on certain natural features, it provides strength to fight against various strains on this sensitive organ. 

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charan said...
28 October 2011 at 08:06


Anonymous said...
8 December 2011 at 01:11

Wow, I have tried. It works! Seems I have work too long before a computer.Thank you very much for sharing this. I'll keep doing this eye exercise every day!
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Janice said...
18 December 2011 at 18:59

Hmmm, this is good for me. My eyes need to rest. Thank you for sharing such helpful information.
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