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Make Your First Date A Grand Success

If you want to create a really good impression on your new girlfriend and score big on the very first date, follow these expert tips and she'll find you charming, interesting and hopefully... irresistible.

1. Avoid getting into the "interview" mode

Most men tend to treat their first date with a new girlfriend as a job interview that they have to get through. So please don’t ask the same predictable questions that everybody asks. Questions like “Where do you work?” and "How many brothers and sisters do you have?" should be avoided altogether. And if she is the one who steers the conversation to such topics, take the lead and change the topic by simply saying, "Enough about that. Let’s talk about something else.

2. Always make eye contact

Never look down, and more importantly never stare at her boobs. Always look into her sexy eyes while talking to her. Never be the first one to break the eye contact. This will prove that you are someone who is confident and knows exactly what he wants.

3. Bring up current gossip

Now, while you may ordinarily abhor cheap gossips about the ongoing scandals in Tinsel town, and would rather talk about cars and the mobiles, most women just can’t get enough of celebrity gossips. So before going on that first date, pick up a copy of Stardust or Cosmo and update yourself on all the latest scoops.

4. Keep all conversation positive.

Never bring up negative things, like how hard your life is right now, how complicated things are with your parents, or how you’re sorry that your ex-girl friend does not talk to you anymore. Never complain about ANYTHING. Avoid talking about your expectations for a relationship and ANY controversial subjects until you get to know him better.

5. Talk kindly to everyone

When you take your girl out make sure that you are polite to everyone around you from the valets, the waiters, to the beggars who lay their grubby paws on you and ask for alms. Treat everyone you talk to with kindness and respect. She’s a woman and she will notice and judge you even after her funeral.

6. Dodge the "tough topics"

Here I am talking about topics related to religion and politics. Don’t even dream of discussing topics like Indo-Pak relations or the caste -based reservations. You would definitely be asking for trouble if you bring up such heated issues in your conversation.

7. Uncomfortable Silence

Don’t worry if there is a lull in the conversation. Don’t keep introducing new bits of conversation to keep the momentum going. Let her be the one to spark it up again. It’s best not to get caught with nothing to say on a first date! Guys who can keep a girl’s interest from the moment he meets her know a secret: girls love relaxed, warm, funny, positive guys. There is nothing that a girl finds more flattering than to be asked about his opinions and experiences

8. Don't try to impress her

Women don’t like guys who go overboard in trying to impress them. You may have accomplished quite a bit in your life but be modest about it.

9. Avoid the idiotic questions

Never ask your girl questions like: “Am I your type?" or "Do you want to hang out again some time?". These questions will go a long way in making her run for her dear life. WHY? Because it proves that you aren’t the self-assured confident potential mate that she is looking for. Someone who’s confident won’t give two hoots whether he’s a particular type or not.

10. Relax!

When you are nervous, you often speak faster, and you may appear more serious, intense, or silly than you usually are. Before you go out on your date, you may want to try watching a funny movie. Laughing will relax all your muscles, send good feelings to your brain, and get your blood pumping. Greet your girl with a great big smile on your face—and she’ll think it’s all because of her.

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Luella said...
30 January 2012 at 02:36

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