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Healing Meditation Technique - 5 Simple Steps to Help You Choose the Best Technique

Meditation is medically proven and can improve your overall health, increase energy levels and transform your entire life. More and more people would really benefit from it if they take time to do a simple method to calm their mind, reduce stress, increase energy level, clear up physical and mental blocks. Here are 5 simple steps to help you choose which technique would suit you best:

1. Chose a technique that you really enjoy

There are lots of different meditation technique to choose from, from a very highly secretive and spiritual technique to a very popular urban style. What ever technique you choose, make sure that you really enjoy that type of meditation. The fact of the matter is not everybody can and enjoy sitting in a lotus or half lotus position. Once you find a technique that suits you, stick with it. You will get the maximum result if you meditate routinely.

2. Choose an easy to understand and simple meditation technique

I'm a true believer that the simpler one technique, the better it is. In the past, meditation was taught secretively and passed from generation to generation with no written instruction manuals. Since late 1990s, through numerous channeling from Light Masters, few techniques have been introduced to those who are ready. The common characteristic of these techniques are: simple, non ritual and non controlling.

3. Choose to learn meditation from a fellow traveler - not from a Guru

A true Guru will always be humble and does not have ego as big as Mount Everest. He or she will tell you that the true Guru is The Source. He or she is only your fellow traveler. We have seen lots of "big name" Gurus found themselves in big troubles with the law. After all, they're only human, once his surrounding is corrupted, it would be difficult for him to serve others in Love and Lights.

4. Make sure the teaching is based on Pure Unconditional Love

No matter what they name the method is, make sure it's based on Pure Unconditional Love - which comes directly from The Source. Follow your instinct, and trust your intuition. If you pray to The Source and affirm that you would like to always be in Pure Unconditional Love, you would know if the teaching is not accordance to Divine's Will.

5. Put your ego aside, be one with The Source

Now that you've found a meditation technique that you really feel comfortable with, don't waste your time, do exercise regularly. Affirm that you always be in Pure Unconditional Love. Make yourself a pure conduit of Divine Love and Lights. Let yourself be one with Creator, feel and enjoy the energy of Creation flows through you as it heals and brightens you. At the end of each meditation, ground the excess Divine Energy to Mother Earth and all existence. Bless them with Pure Unconditional Love.

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