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Do You Know The Different Types of Meditation Techniques?

Meditation is a practice that has been around for many centuries. The different forms all have well known physical, psychological, and spiritual health benefits. Among these benefits are increased focus, relaxation, and a deeper understanding of yourself and others. But do you know the different types of meditation techniques?

Traditional Meditation
A study of the different types of meditation techniques must start with traditional forms of meditation. This form has been around for many centuries. Traditional meditation is what most people think about when they think of meditation. In this form, the meditator focuses in on a mantra, an object, a scripture, image, or a bodily function such as their breathing or heart beat or movement. When the mind wanders, the meditator brings their attention back to the focus of the meditation. This type of meditation takes a long time to master the deeper levels.

Guided Visualization
Many people have heard of this type of meditation technique. With guided visualization, the focus is on the sound of a voice as it guides you through the meditation. When listening to a recorded guided visualization, this is often accompanied by a soundtrack of some kind, usually either music (particularly the kind that is 60 beats per second or slower), rain or waterfalls, ocean waves, or a combination. The soundtrack adds to the relaxation and the guide helps you get through to deeper levels easier than if you were meditating alone.

Binaural Meditation
Based on recent scientific discoveries, this is the newest of the different types of meditation techniques. The idea behind binaural meditation is that you listen to sounds being presented to your ears in stereo. Usually, this method is done with a set of headphones so that each ear can receive different signals. The two signals resolve to a frequency that induces a meditative state in the listener. This technique can induce a meditative state that usually only comes with decades of practice using traditional meditation, even for a beginner. The biggest knock on this type of meditation is that it might seem a bit of a "cheat" because very little effort on the part of the meditator is involved.

Quite often, you will see the different types of meditation techniques combined in some way. For example, someone doing a guided visualization might also be focusing on their breathing or someone listening to a binaural meditation might also use a mantra. Most forms of meditation, whether it be the more known ones such as yoga, or an old one like tai chi, will fall into one of these main categories. Which of the different types of meditation techniques that you use is not important for most of the benefits, so find a style that you enjoy.

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