Sunday, 8 May 2011


4 Creative Ways to Be Romantic in a Long Distance Relationship

Could it be that everyone is in happy relationships when you are alone missing your partner who is 2000 miles away. Your frustration is real, you long for a real-live hug, a tender kiss, just the feel of not having your partner in close proximity poses a dilemma.

Don't forget, this is a choice - you can break up with your partner or you can wrap things up and get a ticket - or you can embrace the situation and enjoy your aloneness. Your partner is special and makes you feel warm and loved - to keep your romance alive, come up with a few really great ways of staying coupled..
-Special love letters might bring out the poet in you - say all those things you want to say and never get around to when you are together. Write a love story together depicting your arrangement and how to make the time apart even more special - you play the guy if you're the girl, he can play the girl - amazing insights come to the surface when we are faced with situations from the other partner's point of view. Keep it light and breezy and you'll have a lot of fun.

-Skype is a wonderful tool, you can connect in the early AM before work, during breakfast or just before your shower - it's just you and your partner in the Skype camera, a little love play between lovers can be fun - you will both look forward to the mornings.

-Go see the same movie, on the same night and in the morning you can sit and discuss the plot and how much you enjoyed it, or not. Keeping yourselves connected is what long distance has against it. There are several things that work in favor of a long distance relationship.

-Many long distance relationships have commonality of a spiritual nature - before retiring for the night, you might want to Skype your partner and read passages from the Bible before bed, your church may have a study program that you can both share through a face book chat.

Keep your visits upbeat and happy and you will both look forward to reconnecting. Being alone allows you free time to see your friends, take a study course of something you have been dying to learn and remember, you have the wonderful feeling of an intimate relationship without giving up your individuality or half of the bed, although that's probably not exactly what you want.

One special perk of long distance relationships is traveling to see your partner - hopefully this can be reciprocal - like little mini-vacations - book yourselves into a different hotel for a night during each visit and enjoy all of the amenities. Every visit will feel like a new beginning.

You will adore this quote because it says everything about how we feel when distance separates us.

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