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Which Outdoor Party Games Should Be Used

Starting Point
Games that can be played by children outside are usually a requirement for all playdates. If you do not have a backyard (or one that's big enough for everyone at the party), try and find a park close to where you live where you could take the children for at least some of the party. If you're doing this, you should ensure you have adequate adult supervision.

Weather dependant
Bad weather is no excuse if you've planned ahead and asked the parents of the party goers to bring a change of clothes.

Time to get things under control
Outdoor party games are enjoyed by children, but they are also very useful for the adults. They do not only give the children an opportunity to expend some of their couped-up energy, they allow the children to exerise and allow you to concentrate on things inside the house (like putting out the food, setting the table and getting the cake ready).

The famous 'dodge ball'
Dodge Ball is one of my children's favorite outdoor party games. You can play this the usual way (splitting the group into two teams and allowing them to throw balls made of sponge at each other) or by having one person as the thrower (whomever the thrower can hit with a ball becomes the thrower). This can also be varied so that if someone is made a thrower more than twice, they become a permanent thrower. You should ensure that you have a sufficient number of sponge balls. Five should be plenty and each should be around the shape of a soccer ball.

One of the classics
Of course, Hide and Seek has a load more possibilities outside; though if you are in a public place, it would be a good idea to tell the children where they can and cannot go. An excellent addition to any outdoor party are trampolines.

Hide things well!
Another great game is Scavenger Hunt. This is pretty easy to set up in your own backyard; if you choose to do so in a park, you could find that some of the sweets have been taken by others!

Balloons can pop...
Balloon games are also fun, whether it's using a balloon filled with water to play Tag or Dodge Ball (better when it's warmer!) or having a competition to see who can burst the greatest number of balloons(hiding them in your backyard will make this game last longer).

Swimming games are an excellent idea. Mermaid Swimmer is where the swimmers have to swim like mermaids and Dry Hand is where everyone takes turns to see who can swim to the other side and keep one of their hands out of the water. Obviously, these swimming games depend on the swimming abilities of the group.

Hula hoop games are a favorite with my girls. Games include Hula Marathon where the winner is the person who can keep the hula hoop spinning on their hips the longest and Hula's Got Ya which is basically tag but using the hula hoop to 'hula' people; your children will almost certainly have their own entertaining ideas as well.

Final points
Each of these games can be played in teams or by individuals, but it is a good idea to incorporate a variety to help ensure that everyone is involved and has a great time. Go party!

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Anonymous said...
7 November 2011 at 08:24

what if no one wants to do this out door activites? Would in door TV? movie be better?

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21 December 2011 at 01:04

Some of them are good ideas. Thanks for sharing.montre replique

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