Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Sex and the great outdoors

Move the booty call from the bedroom and rediscover the thrill of sex outside.

The fear of discovery, pounding heartbeats, that delicious jolt of adrenaline when you think someone’s coming (and it’s not either you two). Anyone who’s ever had sex outside knows just how fantastic it can be. And as for that pesky problem of it being illegal to have sex in public (if you’re caught and reported, you could go to jail), there are ways to indulge in al fresco sex discreetly. It’s called being sensible. Give one or all of these a whirl...

On or in the car
Yes, you could slip into the backseat and enjoy relative privacy but it’s far, far sexier to do it on the car hood. She sits on the bonnet and he stands in front of her. She then warps her legs around his waist to let him penetrate, then leans back on the hood, balancing herself with her arms.
Car sex is uber-erotic – not only do you risk getting caught, it’s the sort of thing teenagers do. You both recapture the heady thrill of adolescence, feeling wild, free, and terribly ungrown-up.

Against a tree
She stands, leaning back against a tree, and he stands in front of her. She puts her arms around his neck and wraps her legs around his waist. For balance and support, she keeps her back firmly pressed against the tree and hangs on to any strong-looking branches. If that all sounds far too energetic, cheat! Get her to wrap one leg around his waist and keep the other on the floor. He should hold her thighs.

Penetration is deep, snug, and tight because most of her weight is bearing down on his penis and vagina is angled. If she squeezes her thigh muscles, she gives him super-tight friction. It’s primal sex at its very best but still probably not the position to try out that new extend-an-orgasm technique. Standing positions tend to work only for quickies because his penis isn’t the only thing that gets stiff.

On a picnic table
Head to the park at dusk when everyone else is heading home. Take your supper with you. Find a sturdy table provided in the picnic area, lay it, have a feast, then clear it off and lay each other! She lays back on the table and wraps her legs around his waist with him standing in front of her. It’s also the perfect position to deliver oral sex – and nothing beats the feel of a hot tongue on your genitals in the fresh, open air. Believe me, it feels even naughtier than “doing it” because licking each other’s bits in public is just... well, super naughty!

Know the rules
Dress for sex (floaty skirts, no underwear, zip rather than button jeans, uncomplicated bras). Use props to hide behind (picnic blanket, sarong, beach umbrella). Be aware of the laws and customs of the country you’re in. Have a code word or look that alerts you both to opportunities. Forget foreplay and instead use lube. Plan your escape and what to say if you get caught. And for goodness’ sake, don’t do it if being caught would be a nightmare!


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