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The Rich Culture of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the popular tourist destinations of India known for its scenic beauty. The culture of this state provides tourists a chance to know the richness of this destination.

The scenic charm of Himalayas designated this destination with the title of Paradise on Earth. It is the romantic destination of India where tourists come in large number to spend vacations. The speckled charm of natural beauty steals the hearts of visitors who come here from across the globe. This wonderful state is also renowned for its cuisine and dance. The food of this place has its own distinctive flavour which never fails to tantalize the taste buds of tourists.

The food is highly influenced by the cuisines of North India, Central Asia and Persia. The preparations and ingredients vary from one social group to another. For example the food of Kashmiri pandits is prepared with lots of oil, ghee, spices and yoghurt. The use of non-vegetarian ingredients is avoided because of the religious beliefs.

While the dishes of the other communities are highly dominated by non-vegetarian ingredients and spices. Mutton is the most notable ingredient in the food here. Tourists can find more than 30 varieties of mutton dishes. Some of the most popular and favoured non-vegetarian dishes are Chamani Qaliyan, Rogan Josh, Shab Deg Kashmiri Yakhni, Aab Gosht, Matshgand, Gushtaba and Kabargah.

Apart from the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes the desserts of Jammu and Kashmir have their own distinctive flavour. Some of the lip smacking desserts of this place are Shufta, Sevaiyyan, Phirni, Shakar Pareh, Panjeeri and Kasaar.

The Music and Dance reflects the charm of Jammu and Kashmir culture. It is another popular attraction which enthrals tourists who come here from far and wide. Some of the popular dance forms of this state are:
  • Rouf is another popular dance which is performed by women in the spring season or during Eid or Ramzan. In this, a song is played in the background in the form of questions and answers. One group ask the questions and the other group responds to it in a rhythmic way.
  • The Hafiz Nagma of the Sufiana Kalam.
  • Surma is an interesting and emotional dance which depicts the fear of a newly married bride whose groom has gone in the war.
A visit to this heavenly destination of India will surely leave you enchanted. There is so much to enjoy and explore in this destination.

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SUNNY said...
1 May 2011 at 05:33

oray cal cheyara naaku subcription ala thesukovalo theliyaduga
ikkada frnds ready ga vunnaru

phillipsun said...
28 December 2011 at 19:45

The waters there is very clean and pure. And the scenery is gorgeous and people there are very friendly.replique Tod's

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