Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sms bomber- u can send 100s of sms to one no at a time

Previously, I have posted tricks to hack various about free gprs , love letter in physics and know ur sim no etc. After Getting many emails from visiters now, I am posting software used to hack and bomb victim mobile phone with numerous messages (sms). This software is called SMS Spammer or SMS Bomber.

How Does SMS Bomber works :-

Sms bomber repeatedly sends messages to victim which really harrasses the victim. Just move on in article, I have provided link to download SMS Bomber software.

How To Use Sms Bomber Easily

As I have said earlier, SMS Bomber is mobile hacking software used to spam victim mobile phone with number of text messages. Follow the guidelines below to be able to use SMS Bomber.
  • First download Sms Bomber to hack mobile of your victim from below
  • Now, unzip it and install the software on your mobile phone. Run the application
  • Note :- It will run on any mobile which supports java as well as symbian
  • You will see something like this :

  • Now, in "To" field, enter the cell number of the victim you wanna bomb. Enter the number of messages you wanna bomb him with and also the content of the message in third field. Once, you have completed this, hit on "Start Spamm" and SMS Bomber will do the work of sms spamming for you.
  • Thus, you have used SMS Bomber successfully against your friend.
Note :-

The messages you send using this SMS Bomber may be charged by your network provider. In such cases, opt for some "Free SMS pack" and you can send unlimited sms using this SMS bomber without worrying about balance curtailment.

Tips :-

I am personally using this SMS bomber and is perfectly working for me. If you have any problem in using this SMS Bomber software to bomb your friend, please mention it in comments.

File Information :-
Name:-        Sms Bomber or spammer
size  :-         90 kb
password :-  iloveusunny
Download :- Download SMS bomber or spammer for free   ( from pc )
                  Download SMS bomber Or Spammer for free   ( from mobile )

Enjoy SMS bomber to hack mobile phone... and Please donot forget to comment


  1. sunny its not working..
    i means when need to extract i put password iloveusunny

    but give some sort of error


  2. sms bomber seems to require a password
    send password to me
    thanks :D

    its password


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