Thursday, 24 March 2011


Discover the Tips on How To Say No

We are taught to be accommodating and helpful, especially to those who truly need us. That is why we tend to struggle saying no.
But you should. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should say no. First you do not want to keep other people's hopes up, when you cannot really fulfill your promises. Second, there is a good chance you already have too much in your hands. Third, saying no also teaches people to somehow rely on their own strengths.
If you are having a hard time saying no, the following tips then may work:
1. Just say it. If you think you cannot do something for someone, then you can just say no. Do it firmly but politely. A lot of people tend to give a lot of explanations on why they cannot do it, but the truth is you do not owe anyone an explanation, unless he or she is your boss and giving out the reason would be helpful in delegating tasks.
2. Admit your limits. Another reason why you cannot say no is because you do not want other people to be aware of your limitations. But the truth is you do have one. In fact, everybody does. Thus, there is no harm in telling the others what you cannot do for them. This also helps you since you do not spend a lot of your time tackling challenges you will surely have difficulty addressing.
3. Give yourself a time to think things over. You can say yes, but not immediately. If you think there is someone you can do for a person but at a later time, you may want to ask, "Is it okay if I work on this some other time [or give out a specific time and date, if you like]?"
4. Share your strengths. Surely you cannot do something that goes beyond your limits, but you can definitely do something to those that highlight your strength. You may want to tell people, "I may not be good at this, but I can work on this." This way, you do not end up getting trapped on tasks that would probably eat up a lot of your time.
5. Use affirmations. How can subliminal messages help you say no? First, it gives you the courage to say it. Second, if convinces you that there is nothing wrong with that. Plenty of individuals feel really bad after saying no. They become anxious and extremely guilty.
Here's a simple exercise for you: Every morning, look yourself at the mirror and play some subliminal messages in the background. If no, recite them yourself. Use the following lines, "It's okay to say no," "I am strong and steadfast," and "I know my strengths and what I can do."
It's imperative that you practice this exercise as often as you can. The purpose is to get into your subconscious and place the affirmations there. The subconscious mind doesn't filter anything, and the messages remain there, ready to be untapped anytime you like.

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